ʻŌiwi TV is an on-demand digital television network that educates and entertains from a Hawaiian perspective, adding value to Hawaiʻi’s contemporary society and lifestyle. ʻŌiwi TV is the first, and only, television station to directly support and focus on the needs of the Native Hawaiian community. ʻŌiwi TV officially launched in March 2009 and has doubled its viewership every year, proving that there is a growing demand for Hawaiian television.

ʻŌiwi TV is developing economic sustainability within our Hawaiian community through job creation for Native Hawaiians to pursue careers that value cultural competency. As ʻŌiwi TV grows, so do the opportunities for Native Hawaiians to apply the knowledge of their culture and language in a professional career.

ʻŌiwi TV’s role and relationship with Makauila is to offer additional technical training opportunities for the Native Hawaiian Broadcast Media Program and to provide Makauila with a distribution and marketing channel for content.


Palikū Documentary Films (“PDF”) a Hawaiian-owned full service production company focusing on projects with an emphasis on Hawaiian culture and perspective.  PDF specializes in projects that require cultural sensitivity and knowledge outside of the typical production skill set.  PDF has a strong understanding and perspective in both Hawaiian language and culture, which differentiates its work product and services from other production companies.  PDF is committed to their philosophy to amplify the Native voice (language and perspective) through mainstream media.




Makauila is an evolution out of the ʻAha Pūnana Leo’s Native Hawaiian Broadcast Media Program. Something about the relationship….


Makauila, Inc.

501(c)3 Non-profit Address: 1839 Keʻeaumoku Street Honolulu, Hawaiʻi