Makauila is normalizing the Hawaiian language and perspective through the production and distribution of Native Hawaiian educational, language, and cultural multimedia content. In pursuit of this mission, we work with organizations to achieve their desired outcomes through the creation and distribution of multimedia content and marketing materials. Because of our unique competency in Hawaiian knowledge, we […]



ʻŌiwi TV is an on-demand digital television network that educates and entertains from a Hawaiian perspective, adding value to Hawaiʻi’s contemporary society and lifestyle. ʻŌiwi TV is the first, and only, television station to directly support and focus on the needs of the Native Hawaiian community. ʻŌiwi TV officially launched in March 2009 and has […]

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Makauila is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your support will help to fund educational programs that benefit the revitalization of the Hawaiian language and perspective through media. Donations made to Makauila are tax deductible. Makauila uses Paypal to securely accept your support


Makauila’s partnerships with high impact organizations who share our passion and expertise for creating multimedia content from a Hawaiian perspective are what allow Makauila to be a full-service organization from strategizing messaging, content and communications to producing and distributing high-quality multimedia pieces.

What We Do

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    Multimedia Production

    Makauila’s multimedia production services is led by seasoned media production professionals who also possess a strong foundation in Hawaiian knowledge. In the digital and social marketing era, high-impact media is a must have component to any marketing or branding initiative. Our business model makes digital media very accessible and affordable for organizations to connect with their […]

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    Hawaiian Broadcast Media Training Program

    New career opportunities for Native Hawaiians in media has spawned the need for technically skilled and culturally competent media professionals. Makauila is helping to serve this need through the Native Hawaiian Broadcast Media Training Program. We have created a model for training Native Hawaiians in the media broadcast industry that immerses trainees into all aspects […]

  • Brand Development

    Makauila brand development strategies help organizations cut through the marketing clutter to create high-quality programs that wins, keeps, and grows your organization for long term impact. Our approach to brand development seeks to identify what makes your brand unique and how to best engage with your target audience. Makauila serves a wide range of clients with a […]

  • Messaging & Communications

    Makauila’s messaging and communications services help organizations analyze their work or particular projects to create pieces of communication that are on point, relevant, credible, and compelling in an effort to move audiences to action. While we work with a wide range of clients, we do have the unique ability and skill set to offer these […]

Makauila, Inc.

501(c)3 Non-profit Address: 1839 Keʻeaumoku Street Honolulu, Hawaiʻi